May 23, 2024

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These Sask. dogs have been waiting months, even years, for a forever home

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This story was originally published on March 10. As of March 28, some of the mentioned dogs are available while others are on “adoption test drives”.

Wonton had nearly starved to death when he was rescued 737 days ago.

The puppy was put into foster care, nursed back to health, and eventually put up for adoption in December 2022.

But nearly 15 months later, he’s still waiting for a forever home.

He’s not the only one.

Across Saskatchewan, it seems every shelter and dog rescue group has at least one dog that’s been waiting months, even a year, to get adopted. In many cases, the animal has special needs or behavioural issues that make it harder to place. But almost always, the dog has become a favourite among staff and volunteers.

Here are some of those long-waiting dogs:

1. Wonton

The Lab and Staffy mix puppy was the most emaciated dog to ever come into CC Rez Q’s care in Regina.

Stephanie Senger, the foster, adoption and vet co-ordinator for the rescue group, described Wonton as the “silliest, happiest, sweetest boy.”

He loves playing fetch and cuddles. He is currently on an “adoption test drive”. 

“After 730 days in care, doesn’t he deserve his own family?”

WATCH | Meet Wonton: 

Meet Wonton. He’s been waiting 737 days to be adopted.

This rescue pup was taken into care by CC RezQs in Regina in March, 2022 and nursed back to health. Wonton has been waiting for his forever home for more than two years and is described by volunteers as “the silliest, happiest, sweetest boy.”

2. Joshua

If Joshua isn’t adopted within the next 45 days, he’ll mark his one-year anniversary in the care of Battlefords Humane Society. The pitbull cross stray was found near Loon Lake in April 2023.

Nicole Leinenweber, a volunteer with the shelter, said Joshua is a “joyful” dog who adores belly rubs. He can’t be placed in a home with small dogs or cats.

WATCH | Meet Joshua: 

Meet Joshua. He’s been waiting 317 days to be adopted.

Joshua was found as a stray in Loon Lake, Sask., and arrived at the Battlefords Humane Society on May 1, 2023. Shelter staff say he’s a three-year-old Pitbull cross who adores belly rubs and walks well on a leash.

3. Bailey

Bailey is shy and lacks confidence, but is devoted to anyone who earns her trust, according to Prairie Sky Dog Rescue in Regina.

She’s been waiting to be adopted since October 2023.

“We are working very hard to build up her confidence, as she doesn’t like fast movements and loud noises, but don’t let that scare you away, as with time she’ll make great strides and surprise you every day,” wrote the rescue group.

WATCH | Meet Bailey: 

Meet Bailey. The 2-year-old rescue dog has been waiting months for adoption.

She’s shy, but loyal. The Prairie Sky Dog Rescue group in Regina wants to find a forever home for Bailey, possibly a Labrador Retriever and Siberian Husky mix, who came into care in October 2023.

4. Myka

Myka has become a bit of a “mascot” for staff and volunteers at SPCA Swift Current. The two-year-old pitbull cross, who is good with kids but not cats, was once skinny and malnourished. 

She’s been waiting more than 320 days to get adopted. She is currently on an adoption test drive.

WATCH | Meet Myka: 

Meet Myka. She’s been waiting 10 months to be adopted.

This two-year-old Pitbull cross was skinny and malnourished when she arrived at SPCA Swift Current smore than 300 days ago. Shelter staff say Myka is now healthy and “such a sweet girl,” but still waiting for a forever home.

5. Zoose and Grizz

Zoose has been in care for 359 days. 

He was surrendered to the Meadow Lake & District Humane Society by his owner in March 2023. And while Zoose isn’t a big fan of all dogs, he became best buds with another dog, Grizz, at the kennel. The shelter staff would love if someone with a larger property could take them as a pair, and a donor has even offered to cover both of their adoption fees.

The shelter doesn’t recommend anyone with kids or cats adopt Zoose.

In early March, the two dogs were sent to a work camp in northern Saskatchewan that fosters dogs, so the humane society needs seven to 14 days to arrange for transport south if any potential adopters want to meet them.

WATCH | Meet Zoose and Grizz: 

Meet Zoose and Grizz. These shelter dogs are best buds and need a home

Zoose and Grizz met at the Meadow Lake & District Humane Society. They have a lot in common: they don’t like cats, love to play outside, and have been waiting a year already to get adopted.

6. Specs

UPDATE: Specs has been adopted as of March 12, 2024.

The Regina Humane Society doesn’t have a lot of long-term dogs right now because of a recent free adoption blitz. But despite that campaign, a four-year-old dog named Specs is still waiting for a human to claim her— something that befuddles shelter staff who adore her.

WATCH | Meet Specs: 

Meet Specs. No one has adopted her and Regina shelter staff don’t know why.

UPDATE: Specs has been adopted as of March 12, 2014. Specs came into the Regina Humane Society’s care on December 5, 2023. The four-year-old Boxer and American Staffordshire Terrier mix is a “staff favourite,” but has been waiting longer to get adopted than is normal for dogs at the shelter.

Bill Thorn, director of marketing and public relations, said the shelter has seen an increase of dogs coming into care who are two to four years old. 

“This is very likely a result of pets who were obtained during the pandemic and are no longer wanted or can’t be cared for, for various reasons.”

At the moment, eight of the 12 adult dogs available for adoption at the Regina Humane Society fall into this age range.


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