May 23, 2024

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Dog’s Reaction to Getting Adopted Melts Hearts: ‘Obviously Needs Hugs’

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When you adopt a dog from a shelter you’re not just their new owner, to them, you will always be the one who gave them a second chance at life.

A Labrador called Seiko couldn’t thank his new mom enough for choosing him among all the other pups at the shelter with him, in a video that has melted hearts all over social media.

The post shared on TikTok last Saturday, under the username seikotherescue, shows the black Labrador giving his new owner a heartfelt hug in the front seat of the car, as she picked him up from Idaho Humane Society in Boise.

A caption shared with the viral video reads: “POV: you just got adopted.” Followed by: “He stayed like this the whole ride home.”

dog hugs owner after adoption
Seiko settling in at his new forever home. The black Lab’s reaction to being adopted has gone viral.

Cassie Cooney

The poster, Cassie Cooney, told Newsweek that Seiko, a former stray who arrived at the shelter at just 9 months old with a facial wound, had initially been adopted by another family, but they soon returned him.

She said: “My fiance and I instantly connected with him during our shelter visit, drawn to his soulful eyes and unwavering attention. After a heartwarming meet-and-greet, we knew he belonged with us.

“His unexpected hug on the car ride home sealed our bond, reminding us of the resilience and love shelter dogs offer. Through Seiko’s journey, we hope to inspire others to adopt and give deserving dogs a second chance at love.

Moreover, she added that Seiko’s transition has been remarkably smooth.

“His affectionate nature and eagerness to learn have made him a beloved member of our family. He thrives on companionship and follows me closely, always seeking cuddles. While he initially struggled with toys, he’s now discovering the joy of playtime, which brings us so much happiness.”

Each year 6.3 million pets enter U.S. shelters, which is an average of 17,260 a day, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The number of dogs and cats taken in by pet shelters hit 46,807 during January 2023, an increase of 1,744 compared with January 2022, the 24Pet ‘Shelter Watch Report’ found.

Around 920,000 surrendered animals are euthanized every year. Shelters are striving to minimize euthanasia rates by promoting adoption campaigns, spaying and neutering programs, and behavior rehabilitation.

According to the Humane Society of Macomb most dogs usually end up in shelters for reasons that include age, allergies, behavioral issues, cost, moving away, new pets, and shedding.

The video quickly went viral on social media, getting viewers from across TikTok. It has so far received over 8.1 million views and 1.6 million likes on the platform.

One user, XOXO BIG SIS, commented: “Adopted dog hugs are the best hugs EVER!”

Jamie said: “Aww! probably the last time in a car he was getting dropped off at the shelter. we had to take our adopted girl back to get spayed and she was terrified when we pulled back up to the shelter.”

Mr.Steve14 added: “I’m glad that dog adopted her, she obviously needs hugs.”

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