May 23, 2024

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Animal Health Matters: Cats and influenza

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Russ Daly, State Public Health Veterinarian

Ron wouldn’t admit it to his coffee buddies at the Pump & Go, but he actually had a soft spot for those cats that hung out in his old barn. Most of the menagerie were half wild, but some were friendly and downright interactive. He’d even given names (Blackie, Rusty, Whiskers…) to some of the “regulars” based on their physical attributes. Long retired from farming, Ron found these animals filled some of the void left when he sold the cows all those years ago.

As such, Ron went to greater lengths to ensure the health of this motley crew. Each spring, with the aid of his daughter-in-law, who worked at the local vet clinic, he’d grab Blackie, Rusty, and whoever else was catchable, for a dose of cat vaccine and dewormer.


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