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6 Adoptable Dogs in Need of Homes This Week: April 20th Edition

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Meet Cola, Erica, Diamond, Luna, Myna, and Titan — six dogs who are looking to be adopted from Twenty Paws Rescue or Montclair Township Animal Center and into New Jersey homes. While each of these six dogs has different personalities, they have one thing in common — each pup is looking for a loving family and a place to call their forever home. Read on to learn more about Cola, Erica, Diamond, Luna, Myna, and Titan and how to adopt these dogs from Twenty Paws Rescue or Montclair Township Animal Center.


Twenty Paws Rescue

twenty paws rescue cola

Photo Credit: Twenty Paws Rescue

The Ivy at Chatham

Name: Cola

Breed: Lab mix

Weight: 25 pounds

Age: 3

Ideal Home: Cola needs a patient home. She has come a long way in a year. However, with Cola being an amputee dog, she has accidents and diapers are a hard solution because she has no back legs to hold her up. She is learning in her wheelchair and gets around great on two legs but will require a patient and nurturing home.

Kids: Yes, but not small kids.

Dogs: Yes

Cats: No

Crate-Trained: Yes

House Trained: No, but working on it.

Other training: Cola is learning to walk in her wheelchair.

Leash Manners: Cola has great leash manners.

Personality: Cola is sweet, shy, smart, and loveable. She loves pets and if you stop too soon, she’ll nudge you to keep going. She’s treat-motivated and loveable. Cola is a warm-hearted girl and just adores people. She will flourish best with a family that is understanding of her past and would help her live life with the utmost freedom, spirit, and love.

Why she was brought to the rescue: Cola was brought to Twenty Paws Rescue by their partners at KAW in India in the spring of 2023. She was rescued with her brother and suffered horrific injuries leading to her amputation.

For Cola’s adoption information, click here.

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Erica + Diamond

Twenty Paws Rescue

twenty paws rescue erica diamond

Photo Credit: Twenty Paws Rescue

Names: Erica + Diamond (bonded pair)

Breed: Pitbull mixes

Weight: 68 pounds and 75 pounds

Age: 5-6, and 7-8

Ideal Home: Other than needing a home together, these girls would be happy anywhere. They love to play together and share a bed and couch. They will get up and play but then go back together to lie. They are quite literally the perfect dogs and get along with everyone and everything.

Kids: Yes

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Yes

Crate-Trained: Yes

House Trained: Yes

Other training: Erica + Diamond have standard training.

Leash Manners: Erica + Diamond are great on a leash.

Personality: Erica + Diamond are sweet, loving, affectionate, and overall perfect. This duo balances each other perfectly. Erica is a bit of a clumsy seal, whereas Diamond is a dainty, delicate ballerina.

Why they were brought to the rescue: Erica + Diamond were surrendered to the shelter in the summer of 2023 because owners couldn’t care for them anymore. At the time of surrender, Erica was pregnant and had to leave the shelter immediately. Twenty Paws Rescue had an open foster and rushed to take her in. The rescue discovered that Erica was an affectionate and sweet pup. However, days later, the rescue found out that Erica had a sister, Diamond who was surrendered with her. The shelter reached out asking if Diamond could receive help.

For Erica and Diamond’s adoption information, click here.


Twenty Paws Rescue

twenty paws rescue luna

Photo Credit: Twenty Paws Rescue

Name: Luna

Breed: Pit Bull Terrier

Weight: 55 pounds

Age: 4

Ideal Home: Luna is looking for a single-dog home. She would do great with a family and outdoor space/time outdoors.

Kids: Yes

Dogs: No

Cats: No

Crate-Trained: Yes

House Trained: No

Other training: Luna knows basic commands.

Leash Manners: Luna is good on a leash.

Personality: Luna is incredibly loyal, loving, affectionate, and funny. When she goes outside, Luna loves to soak up the sun. In fact, she will bring her indoor bed outside with her and prance with it to the sunniest location. Luna is willing to do anything for affection or a tasty treat (she loves anything from Cheerios to the most scrumptious bully stick). Luna is a star student who is ready and willing to learn whatever is on the agenda. In her downtime from earning that 4.0 GPA, Luna loves to play with toys. She will toss that stuffed animal in the air, jumping and tossing it freely, or lay down and give that indestructible chew a run for its money.

Why she was brought to the rescue: Luna was found in an abandoned house in Newark in 2022, very clearly having just had puppies. She was brought to Newark shelter where she shut down and could not handle the stress. Twenty Paws Rescue quickly picked her up and has had her in their care since.

For Luna’s adoption information, click here.




Twenty Paws Rescue

twenty paws rescue myna

Photo Credit: Twenty Paws Rescue

Name: Myna

Breed: Boxer mix

Weight: 55 pounds

Age: 10

Ideal Home: Myna would do best in an active house that will give her time outdoors. Though she is 10, she likes to run and play, not just lay around all day. She has not been in a home much so she’ll need patience.

Kids: Yes

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Unsure

Crate-Trained: Yes

House Trained: Yes

Other training: Myna knows basic commands.

Leash Manners: Myna is good on a leash.

Personality: Myna is a happy-go-lucky girl. As a true girl scout, Myna is prepared for anything with her favorite stuffie always by her side. Myna loves to carry around a stuffie and prefers playtime to naptime. However, if her owner hits the couch, Myna is ready to snuggle. Myna would thrive in an active home. Since entering Twenty Paws, she tends to ignore other dogs. So, she could be the only pet, or share the love with the right dog sibling. She loves people, playing fetch, and learning new commands.

Why she was brought to the rescue: Myna was picked up from the shelter where she was on the euthanization list in the fall of 2021. Unfortunately, Twenty Paws Rescue does not know what her life was like before the shelter. She was a stray who found herself at the city shelter.

For Myna’s adoption information, click here.

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Montclair Township Animal Shelter

montclair animal center titan

Photo Credit: Montclair Township Animal Shelter

Name: Titan

Breed: Pit Bull Terrier mix

Age: 3 to 4 years old

Ideal Home: While Titan loves people, he would prefer a home without very young children or cats.

Kids: No

Cats: No

Leash Manners: Titan is great on a leash.

Personality: Titan barks to let one know that he is ready to go on a walk. Once outside, the sidewalk is his. He enjoys stopping for the occasional sniff and smell but he enjoys just being outside. He is great on a leash and easy to walk, but the way to his heart is through a ball. Titan loves being outside and playing with a ball, where his fun personality begins to show and thrive.

For Titan’s adoption information, click here.

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